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Almost all of the activities and exercises can be done on your mobile. We advise strong against this, however, since it does not always encourage full concentration and focus on the task at hand.

Set aside from between 7 to 13 minutes each day for the next 14 days for each activity; this will include a 2 or 3 minute psyching up mental warm up at the beginning and a 50 second cool-down.

It is possible to do all of the exercises in one day. This is NOT advisable. Quality is more important than quantity I am sure you will agree. I guarantee that by the time you finish, you will be able to engage in the following more confidently, with more energy, clarity and enthusiasm…

It is also preferable that you DO NOT USE your MOBILE PHONE when doing the exercises.

Japanese translation here < 日本語訳はこちら >

  • Feel English
  • Creatively Visualize things in English
  • Use Your Imagination in English
  • Think in English in a different way              < 日本語訳はこちら > Japanese translation here 

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